Interesting facts about Amazon is well-known for its lightning fast shipping, and selling virtually anything online.

Amazon used to be a website for buying books online; today, it’s the most popular buying site for just about everything, from clothing and household items to electronics and vehicles.

Today, the world’s fourth-most valuable company ships an impressive number of goods to billions of people around the world.

Find out more fun facts about the worldwide retailer that has revolutionized online commerce.

  • Amazon started as a book selling website in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos’ home in Bellevue, Wash.
  • Bezos originally wanted to name the company “Cadabra” as in “Abracadabra”, but in the end settled for Amazon, as a reference to the large Amazon river, and also for the distinct stylistics (A to Z).
  • During Amazon’s first month in business as an online book seller, it received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries across the world.
  • employees spend two days every two years working at the customer service desk, even the CEO Jess Bezos. This practice helps all workers understand the customer service process.

  • A handful of former Amazon employees have founded blockbuster companies of their own, including Jason Kilar, the founder of Hulu and Vessel, and Charlie Cheever, the creator of Quora.
  • The website once went down for 49 minutes and the company missed nearly $5.7 million in sales.
  • To ease the burden in retrieving and transporting products in the warehouses, Amazon uses robots, created by Kiva Systems, which was purchased by the company in 2014.
  • Amazon has more than 500,000 employees worldwide.
  • Amazon sells more than 12 million products, not including books, media, wine and services.
  • Besides physical products, Amazon provides web services for companies, and one of their most remarkable clients is the CIA.
  • 56% of consumers say Amazon demonstrates an understanding of their individual preferences and needs on a regular basis – this is thanks to the remarkable personalized recommendation system.
  • Amazon registers more than 300 million active customers, that use the platform as the main shopping tool on a daily basis.

Amazon is focused on providing more of the services that make customer’s lives easier and better. It focuses on selection, price, and convenience.

Amazon didn’t invent many of the services it offers today, it simply makes services easier and better.

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