About us

Our Story

Our Story

SalesZone was founded with the desire of an ambitious person to share his experience and create a community of Amazon sellers.
Our team is made of professionals, willing to help others start a business and grow it efficiently.

SalesZone community has gathered international members from various countries of the world, who can share their experiences on selling profitable products and building strong brands.

Our Course

Our Course

11 generations have successfully graduated our course, which add up to more than 500 people who achieved their dream and met their goals of starting their own successful online business.

Our platform offers a step by step process to launch an online retailing business on the Amazon global marketplaces. We integrated every aspect a successful seller needs to implement – from identifying the product to advertising and selling.

Become part of our family

Become part of our family

SalesZone cares about all members, and wants to deliver the best solutions for them, hence we offer permanent online mentoring and support.
This business model is for those who think outside of the box, are willing to take on challenges, try new things, and strive to financial independence.

Amazon is a great platform that gives you an opportunity for building a business, and our team is here to help you start from the bottom and guide you through the entire process of launching and managing your business.

The course

In depth content integrated in 8 modules

Live mentoring and Q&A Sessions

Optimized work processes

Facebook community

Online course contain

Flexible schedule

Tools and applications

Weekly live sessions

Reliable partners

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Feel free to contact our support team, and we will be happy to provide you with answers.

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