Signup instructions

If you want to buy our course please follow the instructions, that will guide you how to make it fast ans easy

Step 1. Registration

In order to be able to buy our course, you need to register first.

After registration you will get access to a presentation of one of Saleszone brand in action

Step 2. Adding course to cart

Saleszone course can be added to cart on  Home page –  under the prices table.

Another option is to go directly to Our course page and use Buy this course button.

Step 3. Complete checkout form

After clicking Buy this course button, you will be redirected to checkout page. On this page you need to complete the form with requested info.

Step 4. Place order

After completing the checkout form, you need to click Place order button. You need to wait few seconds, till you are redirected to Bank payment gateway.

Step 5. Complete credit card details and pay

As soon as you see the credit card details form from the bank payment gateway, you can complete your credit card details and click Pay button.

Enter credit card details

Step 6. Check payment status

After clicking Pay button, bank will check the validity of the card details that you introduced, and will send back the status of the transaction. In case if something went wrong, you will see the message of the failure, and the reason.

Step 7. Wait course start

After buying the course, on navigating to course page , you will see the full lessons list and your progress of passing them. Important to take intro account that course will start on 26 September, and just after it will start you will be able to see lessons content. It is done like this , because all participants should start in same time, as every week will be organized mentoring and Q&A sessions, and in important that all participants will be on the same level.